Supplying Refurbished Servers since 2011

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About Us

Since 2011 we have been in the Data Centre and Enterprise industry.

Over the years we have supplied thousands of Refurbished Servers to all small and large organisations around the world. From online pharmacuticals to car manufacturers and dealerships.

Refurbished Servers

We believe in helping companies save money when it comes to buying Refurbished Servers, why spend thousands on New Servers?

We offer Refurbished Servers that have the same performance and reliability capabilities as a new server.

15,000 Servers Supplied

Build Any Spec Server

Fast Turnaround Time

Build any spec Refurbished Server

Limitless Builds

We are stockists of thousands of Server Components. You can spec your server to anything you want.

Buying in Bulk?

We have the capabilities to support orders for any quantity servers. Need 5, 10 or 100 servers? We'll handle it, no problem.

Quality Service

We got you covered from the moment you raise an enquiry, place an order and after your server is delivered.