Refurbished Servers

Refurbished Servers

Servers are an integral part of any network system. In simple words, a server is a computer program or a network device that processes commands from another device or program, known as the client. This is known as a client-server architecture. Broadly, the server is classified as hardware and software. A software server is any kind of application that performs operations assigned by another program. The most common example of a software server is a web server (HTTP server) that deliver webpages. Hardware server is a networking device used to ensure communication with clients, run the soft applications with ease, and provide full functionality. Indeed a hardware server requires to be powerful and robust.

Hardware servers are further classified into three categories: Rack Servers, Blade Server, and Tower Server.

Tower Server: These are stacked in an upright cabinet, resembling the tower. However, they have an advantage of cooling down easily but are very heavy, space-consuming and cable management are complicated.

Blade Server: These are chassis-based thin severs. They offer good performance but are expensive.

Rack Server: These are designed to be stacked in a rack, modular design. This is the most efficient type in terms of management and storage. These very versatile in terms of performing tasks.

KahnServers deal with refurbished Rack Serves at attractive prices. The most efficient Dell and HP Servers are available with KahnServers. They come in two options 1U and 2U. In 1U, HP DL360 series is available in both Gen 8 and Gen 9 and Dell PowerEdge series. Whereas, in 2U, HP DL380 series and Dell PowerEdge Series are available. For these servers’ cooling mechanism, these Intelligent Servers are coupled with passive heatsink. Different models are available to take care of the storage needs. 

Reasons to buy Refurbished Servers:

Saves Cost: Newly launched servers are overpriced and the refurbished ones are available at reasonable prices. Therefore, you are getting the same specifications at much affordable prices. You can go for higher specifications and even customize your purchase, which is definitely better for the long run. 

Support: On refurbished servers, you get more intense support and the maintenance charges are not that high. One can even go for extended warranty.

Energy Efficiency: Refurbished servers consume almost 20% less energy than the new ones.

Reliable: The refurbished servers are tested rigorously before being supplied to the client, hence the performance is reliable. They are also factory reset, so you are getting an almost new server at significantly less price.

Refurbished Servers

Go Green: By buying refurbished servers, you are contributing to saving the environment by reducing electronic waste. 

Since new serves are not immune to breakdowns, they can turn out to be a much expensive affair then imagined. One can opt for refurbished servers and enjoy equally good performance like a new one with great services by KahnServers.

At KahnServers we ensure all refurbished servers are tested and packed securely before dispatching from our facility. All machines come with a standard One Year RTB (Return to Base) warranty. With all these benefits of the servers, KahnServers provides you the best solution appropriate for your need without digging a hole in your pocket.