Refurbished Dell vs. HP: Which Brand Server Should I Buy?

Dell and HP are the big guns when it comes to the market of computers and servers. Roughly 50% of the market of computers and servers comprises Dell and HP, which is in fact big.

When you are considering a Dell vs an HP server, you would probably have a pile of questions regarding performance and reliability. Since both brands make it big time in the market, we know that their product has got to be worth it and hence, you are definitely making a good choice by choosing among the better brands. However, the competition is cut-throat and while each has its pros, each has its cons as well.

Here we will be comparing refurbished Dell vs HP servers and which server brand is a better choice in which situation. Each factor of both the brands is compared down below.

Market Share

HP makes up around 25% of the market of servers, having the largest share in the market with their products. Dell has the number 2 spot with about half the share as that of HP but still the second-largest overall. However, market share doesn’t really give you a solid comparison so we’ll proceed to the rest of the factors.

The Hardware

It’s always the inside that tells you what a device is really worth and what it can do for you. In the case of servers, it’s the hardware components that make up the insides of a server.

When it comes to performance, Dell can manage huge amounts of workloads for longer hours whereas HP shows 20% less efficiency when it comes to performance. If you’re looking for a device that can take up some serious processing load, then Dell has your back. HP, on the other hand, has much better storage appliances and switches for easier setups.

For small to medium-sized businesses, an HP server is a big win in terms of performance, price, and maintenance whereas larger corporations can make use of Dell for workloads.


HP has made the effort to address its shortcomings and it acquires components by 3Com and Aruba which are both notable companies, to begin with, whereas Dell hasn’t quite looked into recognizable acquisitions.

Warranty and Customer Support

Although both companies offer great warranty and customer support, Dell outshines in this aspect. It has add-on options alongside user-friendly information on hardware and the warranty process is much smoother.

However, stock warranty and support are almost similar in what they comprise for both the companies.


When buying new, delivery times would be a huge factor for the comparison. This is because Dell takes up to 2 weeks in delivery but the delivered product that comes in is fully tested, assembled and ready to use. For those who aren’t tech junkies can simply plug in and use the server without having to worry about testing, configuration, and assembly. HP, on the other hand, delivers within 1 to 2 days but the product that comes in needs to be assembled and tested in the lab of your IT department.

However, in the case of refurbished Dell vs HP servers, delivery does not make a huge difference because both servers would be built and dispatched or simply dispatched from stock. The delivery time depends on your seller.

At Kahn Servers, we build and dispatch your product within 2 working days of order placement. 


It boils down to price when making most decisions regarding IT equipment but there is again cut-throat competition in both the manufacturers here.

Both companies provide servers ranging from low to high prices, although, to be fair, servers aren’t low priced from a relative perspective.

However, Dell tips towards a slightly less expensive side as compared to HP and this is mainly because Dell is widely used and spare parts are correspondingly also cheaper.

HP, on the other hand, provides more stability in the long run and is generally enterprise friendly when it comes to price wherever Dell would fit the needs of small-scale operations.

Kahn Servers provide refurbished Dell and HP servers at great prices and a one year RTB warranty. Moreover, we also deliver within 2 days so you have your product fully tested and verified, ready to use within 2 days of order placement.