What is a Heatsink Fan, and How Do You Pick a Good One?

A heatsink fan is also often simply called a heatsink. A heatsink is a thermally conductive device that is designed to keep your CPU cool. When your CPU is being used, it heats up. Depending on how much the CPU is at work, it can go from medium hot to very hot, to the point where it can fry itself. Therefore, it should make sense as to why a CPU requires a heatsink fan for efficient working.

A heatsink spreads the heat produced by a CPU over a larger area and hence keeps the CPU itself cooler. This happens because the heatsink is made of a thermally absorbent material that effectively absorbs the heat produced by the CPU. This thermal energy is then dissipated over a larger area and hence reduced in magnitude, therefore keeping the CPU cool.

Some heatsinks are combined with a fan and this is referred to as an active heatsink. An active heatsink will cool down the device efficiently but may also be louder. Some heatsinks and fans also make use of liquids to cool down processors.

How Does a Heatsink Fan Work?

As said earlier, a heatsink has an adequate amount of surface area that is in contact with the processor, this surface area is highly thermally absorbent. It is designed to transfer heat from the processor to the body of the heatsink itself. A glue, that is better known as a heatsink paste, is applied to connect the two surfaces to avoid any air bubbles or impeding voids between the contact area of the heatsink and processor.

When the CPU gets hot, the heat transfers from the CPU to the heatsink which significantly cools down the CPU. Fans are used to cool down the surface of the heatsink over which the heat from the processor is spread.

Some heat sinks that use liquids are one step more effective in cooling down the processor. Inside such heatsinks, water is stored under a partial vacuum. When the processor is moderately warm, the water in the heatsink evaporates and rises to a higher level where it is cooled down and condensed. This may be done with the use of a fan.

How to Pick a Good Heatsink and Fan at Kahn Servers?

When you go out there looking for a good heatsink and fan, chances are that you don’t even know where to begin.

When you build your server at Kahn Servers, you may be wondering which heatsink and fan you require, if any, for efficient working of your device. Of course, we are there to help you out in such a situation, but if you are into the tech then you may also want to know how to pick a heatsink for yourself.

Stock heatsinks are usually the best ones out there because they are made specifically for the device. For efficient use, you may want to stick to your stock heatsinks and fans. However, stock heatsinks are also often louder.

Moreover, in the situation that you build your device, you don’t have a stock heatsink. In this case, you need to know that heatsinks and fans should effectively keep the temperature of your device between 32 and 43-degree centigrades. While most motherboards shut down if the temperature goes beyond 80-degree centigrade, you should ensure the care of your device against heating through the use of a good heatsink.

Apart from just cooling, you may also choose a heatsink that works quietly along with keeping your device cool.

Heatsinks and Fans at Kahn Servers

Here are some of our top products that come at great prices and have been fully tested to perform efficiently.

BROCADE 100-619-004 SW12000 FAN

Starting from £36.9

The heatsink comes with a fan and is meant for heavy-duty cooling in processors designed for high functioning. The product comes with an RTB warranty for one year.

CISCO 700-46227-01 UCSC-C220-M4 HEATSINK

Starting from £28.7

The device is meant for larger CPUs and processors that are high functioning and it works without a fan. The product comes with an RTB warranty for one year. 


Starting from £20.5

The refurbished heatsink works without a fan and is hence noiseless but works great for medium-sized processor load. It is tested for optimum performance before being dispatched.