5 Powerful reasons why refurbished servers offer great value

If you’ve had to upgrade the servers at work at least once or twice, you would know how expensive the whole ordeal can be. Running businesses is all about cutting costs and making do with as little as possible while not compromising on the outcome. But how can you cut costs on servers but still get as much out of them as required? One of the most common ways around this is to make use of refurbished servers.

So what justifies the use of refurbished servers given that they were abandoned by other firms or software houses? Moreover, is the lower cost worth the benefit in terms of performance and reliability?

Here are some of the reasons why refurbished servers can offer great value and are a good investment.

1. Not All Refurbished Servers Are the Same

A server can be simply refurbished and then a server can be expertly refurbished. The difference here is that for someone who makes a living from refurbishing servers and knows what he/she is doing will never sell you something that would turn out to be a bad investment. Such experts would also warranty their product for buyer confidence.

Kahn Servers offers expertly refurbished servers that have been put a great deal of effort to ensure their performance and reliability. Moreover, we offer a one year RTB warranty so you can shop with peace.

2. They Help You Save Big Time

Saving money from wherever possible is a key factor when running businesses. You have better options to scale your business when you have money left behind to do that and you can save big time on your servers.

Refurbished servers come with a price tag that may just be a fraction of the price of a new device. Moreover, you can also make use of refurbished RAM and other components to bring your costs further down. It makes a huge difference in your costs when you go for refurbished instead of new and therefore, you save up for use in other places.

Not just that, when you buy refurbished, you can also go for cheaper brands that function just as well as more expensive brands but you save some serious bucks for the same performance.

3. Great Performance

A server works only as well as it has been configured for use. Whether you are buying a new server of a refurbished one, you will need to configure it with the right kind of components and equipment to optimize its performance. This configuration depends on the kind of work your server should be capable of handling. A refurbished server that has been configured just right will allow you to perform tasks like virtual machine hosting, 3D rendering, or domain rendering.

Sometimes, a refurbished server may even function better than a new server because of the components and configuration that have been applied. This implies that you can get the best out of a refurbished server if you can simply get it to be configured just right for your requirements.

Here at  Kahn Servers, we offer expert opinions on what to use on your server and how to configure it given the job that needs to get done.

4. Align with Your Requirements 

Refurbished servers have the advantage that you can customize them at a later time after the installation as well instead of heading out to buy a new server. Refurbished servers are also initially customized and therefore, there is more room for replacements and upgrades, should your server ever malfunction or outdate. In the longer run, you end up saving even more than that in the beginning because you can make do with a refurbished server for a long time by upgrading it timely. Upgrading it for certain parts allows for it to meet your technical and performance needs while not getting too pricey.

5. Reliability

While it’s understandable that refurbished servers may be offering lower reliability as compared to new servers, you can still work your way to high reliability. Look for servers that have a replacement or a money-back warranty. In the case of servers that have been configured, you get a manufacturer’s warranty for new components and all other components should be carefully and individually be tested before installation.

At  Kahn Servers, we carry out elaborate tests to ensure the optimum performance of all parts and products before we dispatch them. This comes with a one year warranty to reduce the margin of faulty equipment in your hands.